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Prevent intrusions and optimize visitor flow with Doorking access control.

Doorking provides powerful and well-designed access control to maximize security and keep visitors moving in and out efficiently. Doorking’s products include gate openers and telephone entry systems, as well as innovative access control software such as digital accounts managers, smart locks, and proximity card readers. 

Doorking access control is suitable for an array of facilities and communities. As a Doorking authorized dealer, we will help to select, configure, install, and integrate your Doorking access control for optimal performance and longevity. Our expert Doorking installers will continue to maintain your security system over its lifetime.Play Video

Doorking Gate Opener

Keep visitors flowing in and out without a hitch by installing a Doorking gate opener.

Seamless gate operation is necessary to avoid disruptions and keep crowds flowing in and out efficiently. Doorking gate openers provide a sleek and powerful solution for a range of facilities and communities.

Doorking gate operators can be scaled and specialized to fit any property, offering compact and reliable gate operation. Their sleek and minimalist aesthetic maintains business and community image while repelling corrosives and preventing rusting for maximum durability. Sensitive electronic controls precisely manage gate start and stop speeds, while fine-tuned obstruction detection maximizes safety.

Doorking Telephone Entry

Enjoy reliable access control with a Doorking telephone entry system.

Doorking telephone entry enables two-way communication with visitors at the door, letting admins verify guests before remotely granting access. This effectively keeps unauthorized people and intruders out of facilities and communities, optimizing safety and peace of mind.

Doorking offers various PC-accessible systems and standalone telephone entry control systems suited to a range of facility sizes. Doorking entry systems provide ideal protection for apartment buildings, gated communities, commercial sites, and maximum-security facilities. They are also available with Remote Account Manager programming software, for convenient and unified access control.

Doorking Video Intercom

Give your access control system the best of both worlds with an integrated Doorking video intercom.

Want to pair video intercom capabilities with your Doorking entry system? Our skilled technicians use video management system technology to integrate third-party video cameras with secure Doorking access control. This allows admins to visually verify guests by tethering video footage to any entryway in a facility.

Integration is an ideal way to build and personalize security systems while avoiding overlap, maximizing efficiency, and saving costs. Contact our experts to optimize your guest verification and security with an integrated Doorking access control system.

DKS Lane Barrier

The DKS Lane Barrier Accessory System is an easy add-on to the popular 1601 Barrier Gate Operator. The Lane Barrier is ideal in applications where a higher degree of vehicle traffic control is desired, but without the expense of bollards, wedges or crash beams – making it ideal for apartment communities, gated condominiums, car rental agencies, parking lots and toll booths.